Subscription Plan

For Traditional Chinese to English Translations


2000 words/month

NTD 4,699 (tax excluded)

6% OFF


3000 words/month

NTD 6,799 (tax excluded)

10% OFF


Please contact us for a customized plan

A subscription plan starts on the day Wordcorp receives the subscription fee and ends on the corresponding day of the ending month. If the ending month does not have a corresponding day, the subscription will end on the last day of that month. For example, a Basic month plan starting on February 3 will end on March 3, while a plan starting on January 31 shall end on February 28 (or February 29 in a leap year). During the subscription period, subscribers will be able to use translation services for the word limit offered by the plan they select. Subscribers will be charged an additional fee calculated according to Wordcorp’s standard rates for any words exceeding the word limit offered by their subscription plan. Any words within the word limit not used by the end of the subscription period shall automatically and immediately expire on the end date of the subscription. Transfers of unused words to a following subscription period is prohibited, unless otherwise stated by Wordcorp. For example, a Basic month plan beginning on January 5 would include translation of a maximum of 2000 words until February 5. Any translation of words exceeding 2000 words during this period will be charged at Wordcorp’s standard rates. If only 1800 words have been used during this period, the remaining 200 words will automatically expire on February 6.

Note: Special discounts or promotions being offered by Wordcorp may not be applied to subscription plans.

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